Saturday, October 22, 2011

Why I love Lunik!

(*for your information, a co-op is a business that's owned, operated, and used by the same group of people. In this case, if you're a Glendon student, you are an owner of Lunik, which means you are responsible for making it awesome.)

Fall really gets on my nerves. It makes everything cold, dark, and slightly damp – including me. Once the temperature dips below 15 degrees Celsius, I start feeling grumpy, unless I’m drinking something warm in a dry place. It’s no wonder I love Lunik.

Lunik is a new addition to campus – a student-run café that offers a place to eat, study, and hang out. It’s nestled into the basement of Glendon Manor and filled with couches, eclectic lamps, and copies of ‘The Onion’. (Note: I mean the satirical newspaper ‘the Onion’, not actual onions. That might not be so pleasant.)

If you haven’t been to Lunik, you need to go. Here’s why:

Lunik provides for the students’ basic needs (e.g. shelter, human contact, carbohydrates, caffeinated beverages, and good music).

Lunik has a heartbeat. Just like “Tom’s Restaurant” in Seinfeld or “Central Perk” in Friends, Lunik has serious potential for producing good company and good laughs. The place is filled with cute little things here and there, interesting art, and corners to read in.

Lunik is based on participatory democracy and sustainability. Since Lunik is a co-op, it’s actually owned and managed by students. Students can volunteer to supervise the café, wash their own dishes, and curate art for the walls. Plus, since Lunik is not-for-profit, students pay completely reasonable prices for food that’s better for them (fair-trade, organic, vegan).

At Lunik things are just different. There’s usually another student (or former student) behind the counter organizing things. Music is chosen by whoever is volunteering to supervise the café. Not all of the furniture matches. See? Different.

So pick up your drink, grab something to eat, and drop your donation in the box. Kapeesh!

If you go to Glendon, you own Lunik, and ultimately, it will be as good as students like us are willing to make it. Awesome? Yes. In a world where it feels like all we do is consume (e.g. Starbucks, education, and media), it’s refreshing when we get to give towards something instead.

Pst! Check out Juan Garrido’s post about Lunik if you want to know more! 


  1. WE HAVE A CAFE?!! You make it sound so inviting.. I want to go!! ;w;

  2. It'll blow you away! It's my favourite place to chill on campus, hands down.